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Organic Manure

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Products R & D


Dlog Technologies is Catalyst Technology company with first time in the world technologies. The source of knowledge is external but Research and Developments were done and are being carried out from Chennai R & D Centre since 2002.  All our products are pollution controlling products and recently we entered in to Health Care products successfully. We have completed R & D in more than a dozen products and these are being marketed with brand name Dinlog. The products include 1. Fuel Savers and Tyre Saver for automobiles, 2. Hair Care products, 3. Plant growth promoters and 4. Health Care products. We have some more products under R & D which is a continuing process. 

Hair Care Products

We have one of the world’s best Hair Rejuvenator products which is guaranteed to stop hair fall and helps in growth of new hair. It is a water based product with extract of rare herbs good for hair follicles. We have three grades viz. 1. Hair Rejuvenator and 2. Hair Rejuvenator plus and 3 Hair Rejuvenator Special.

Organic Manure

We have worlds best Liquid Organic Manure which is guaranteed to provide very good health to plants/trees and increases the yield by at least by 30% and suits all soils, all climates and all kinds of plants and trees. This product contains Cow’s Urine+Dung+Milk+Curd in nano quantities empowered suitably to produce results which we can supply in 1000’s of litres. This product can work as both plant nutrient as well as insecticide/pesticide.

Health Care Products

Our Health Care products Food Supplements i.e. any human can consume them and are very good for health. We are Registered under FSS Act 2006 as a PBFO. These are based on traditional Indian Herbs which are well known to cure specific diseases or which are essential for good health viz.

1. Kalonji (0.01%) a food supplement capable making humans live very very long and healthy life ( said to be up to 300 years)

2. Sahjan (0.01%) which is a food supplement and a very good health rejuvenator for both men and women.

3. Curcuma (0.01%) also called Turmeric a food supplement which is a very good anti oxidant and body weight reducer

4. Komium (Cow’s urine 0.05%) duly processed to be as effective as intaking of 100ml Cow’s Urine,

5. HuLuBa (Fenugreek) is a food supplement for feeding mothers and is generally good for health in low dosages. In high dosages it is a very good food supplement for Diabetic patients as it can lower high sugar levels to normal levels and also rejuvenate Diabetic patients overall health. 

Other Health Care products under R & D:

1. Gymnema (Gurmar 0.01%) which is also called “Sugar Destroyer”

2.  Quasabhuva (Nilvembu 0.01%) which is good for control of blood sugar

Fuel Savers and Tyre Savers

Our Fuel Saver products are based on Catalyst technology and are dosage specific but certain gives fantastic increase in mileage. We have separate grades for Petrol Engines and Diesel Engines and in Diesel Engines according to HP of engines. We also have guaranteed working Tyre Saver which is nothing but Rubber Strengthening Catalyst. The list of our products which is being manufactured by us are: 1. Petrol Saver grade PS 110 for 2 & 3 Wheelers, 2.Diesel Saver grade DS 60  for LCVs like Diesel run Cars, Jeeps, Vans and Autorickshaws. 3. Diesel Saver grade DS 70 for MCVs like Big Vans, Tractors and Diesel Engines above 2500 cc to 3300 cc. 4. Diesel Saver grade DS 148 for 6 wheel HCVs likes Trucks and Buses from 90 HP to 120 HP and 5. Diesel Saver grade DS 150 for 10/14 and 18 wheel HCVs like High loading Trucks. 10% to 25% fuel savings is guaranteed with all these products. 6. Finally we have a Tyre Saver which enhances useful Tyre life by about 60% to 100%. All the above are pollution controlling products.

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Typical Feedback

“Oh! It is a very good product.  Now I am an Agent selling Dinlog Kalonji“

“I dint climb upstairs for the past 1 and half years. Now a days after taking Dinlog Kalonji for about 6 weeks I am climbing stairs and going upstairs. I am really happy about that. My joint pains are totally gone now a days”

“I got cured of my Piles. Thanks to Dinlog Kalonji. Now I am agent for Dinlog Kalonji”

“My stomach flattulance is totally gone. I am feeling healthy now a days after taking Dinlog Kalonji for just over one week”

“Dinlog Kalonji dint suit me. I am having stomach ulcer and it gets aggrevated”

“I feel atleast younger by 10 years now a days after taking Dinlog Kalonji for about 3 months”

“It is a too costly product. Cant they supply 50 ml bottles?”

“I have no complaints about Dinlog Kalonji except that it is a highly priced product”

“There is no price for Dinlog Kalonji. All my health problems have disappeard”

“I am a diabetic patient. Though I continue to take allopathic tablets for my diabeties my weakness has gone totally and I am very brisk now a days”

“I feel my heart is pumping well now a days”

“I feel my body is very warm now a days”

“I could feel my blood is circulating well in my body”

“My muscle cramps are totally gone with in 3 hours. How?”

“My joint pains are a thing of the past. I regularly take Dinlog Kalonji”

“My mother got cured of 15 years old Skin allergy. We thought there is no cure for mother’s skin Psoriasis condition. Me, my brothers and my mother are greateful to Dlog Technologies. Now I am working as Agent for Dinlog Kalonji.”

“My digestion has improved. I don’t have gas problem in my stomach now a days.”

“I have relief from Asthma now a days. Thanks to Dinlog Kalonji”

“My body pain and tiredness is gone after taking Dinlog kalonji”

“I had some minor health problems and these got cured due to Dinlog Kalonji I think”

“My eyesight and hearing have improved after I start taking Dinlog kalonji”

“Will I live for 150 years if I take Kalonji regularly. Honestly I don’t want to live that long at all”

“I could not take Dinlog Kalonji as I am a diabetic and taking DInlog Gymnema, but I know Dinlog Kalonji is a very good product”

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